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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  September 27, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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ú now on foxx45 early ediiion. definitely a change of pace. the tate's first slots3 parlor ooened for business this3 morning. where you will be able to play right here in maryland. curing cancer in a single office visit. the experimental traiient treat3 doctors say it making it possible. for the first home football season. what the fans are thinkinn about their chaaces of ssper bowl now. good morning, it's monday, september 27th. i'm patrice harris. it's time to get a check of our forecast to thii rainy start to the morning.
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meteorologist steve fertig is here. you have been saying we need tte rain.ú >> chutelabsolutely we need then and we're goinn to get it in next couple of days. take a lookkat wro where thh ras ú%lling the heaviest. annapolis is seeing some rain and the rain in the yellow bands and across the city to the northeast part of the state and you can see perrr mall, definitely seeing heavy rain up to aberdeen. we will be watching that as we continue to see thh showers move thundee with it. as far as the temperature at the bus stop, 65 degrees, but you will have to take that umbreela along. 67 degrees in baltimore, 70 in salisbury, but only 59 in baltimooe. cooling from the northwest we shoold top out at 72 degrees at 2 or 3 enclose this afternoon. let's see what isshappening on ú%e roadways. we have a little hint with the
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roadway, but hereeis lauren cooke with the details. >> reporter: we do have trouble in howard couuty where a fuel spilllis workinn along the westbound lanes of route 100 and the ramp tt know river parkway will be shutdown as well as the trafffc circle before the ramp. no problems to report on the here is a live look atú interstate 70. it be wide open. you are look at an 11-minute ride on tte outer loop, at 695, with a speed of 355 milesser hour. all is clear traveling through the tunnels. you're lookkng at an 8--inute drive t 53 miles per hour. looking at a 9-minute trip t 55 mmles per hourr back to you.3 the first casino in maryland issabout to open itt doors. hollywood casino in perryville hass1500 clot machines ready to go at 8:00 a.m. this morning. the openinggis happening three
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days ahead of schedulee ththe opening turned raiser on monday weet so well, that they allowed them to ooen in a few hours. they nvested $59.7 million in this place and ended consttuction just a few days earlier. they are bbinging millions of dollars a year in state reeeeue. maryland can start competing with the borddr states that ave beee in slots game for years. >> obviously the competition isú relatively close, casinos within 30 miles of them the clooest one, but we feel like the product we have here, the lots it'' going to be he best slot >> morr than 350 full-time jobs have been createddand 80% of perryville employees are cecil
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and howaad county residents. governor o'malley will be there for the ribbon cutting. three others that were originalll planned could be a year or even more away. the maryland lottery commission comes out with a cooe of conduct ffr themselves and the employees at the new perryyille slots parlor. the rules rohibitt workers and commission workers from playing the machines unless it's part of their official dutiesy. they wills ban thinker employeee from gaining favors. pooice say another patient is responsible. it all happened this weekend. susan sachs was found ead in her bed by hossital workers yesterday morning. they went to check n her when she didn't shhw up for breakfast, she wws kiiled by
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taylor. taylor has been charged with first and second-degree murder. investigaaors have not rea reled a motive for the crime. player was laid to rest but questions till remain about how he died. %-apartment last week. innhis police do not suspect foullplayy but it's uncleer how he died. the 2008 towson high chool graduate was in physics and philosophy. his family is asking that donations be made to the spca or abraham american society in a bra ham'inabraham's memory. police say he hadda ourt date four years ago and never showed up and since then he has failed to registerrfor marylaad's sex offender registry. if anyone has information on his
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call police at (410)637-8970 and as lways all tips are the family of a young girl kidnapped and killld in salisbury last december, waats ú current whh what comic owe attoy though he lost in this mmnth's election. the parents released that davis -uarkkis familiir with the case and they believe he is the best thomas legg junnor. legg's trial is scheduled to the republican candidate said e would offer rourak to remain the lead prosecutor in the case and ú%e candiddte has not ruled out that possibility. thankk to one maryland family new legislation takes an
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offensive term offf-he-bookk nationwide. applauding congress for passing -egislation that eliminates the laws. it's called rose's law named for %-when rose's parents registeree her to schhol ha they had to chk the mentally restarredded box on the registration form. it's a label that the mmcelinos and acosta's found offensive. >> most of the time they use meetally retarded of stupii..3 >> we know that attitudes have changed a lot we thought that the term had to go apart. fight to the maryland's general asseebly and this sprinn, -overnor o'maaley changed the termmretarded to tte mentally
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disabled. the bill is going straaght to the white house to be signed by president obama. democrats didn't waste anytime for attacking the gop's3 for their pledge to america. they introduced document as aa outline of what they staad for should they take control of -ongress. >> republicans have laid their the docuuent called the pledge to america. what the gop would like to be accomplish, most nottbly repealingghealthcare and cutting some conservatives say the document doesn't go far enough. while most democrats says it's noohing but a pledge to return the tea party republicans talkkd more fiscally responsible ú-the house in 2006, we lost our
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way. we moved away from tte fiscal discipline that minted in governing majority in 1994. and the ppople walked away from us. >> the plan does not tackle the %-democrats, including co ll, congressman, chris van holland. say that the pledged old news. ú%ey call it more spin than speciiic. young guns. reeches referenc ree >> the american public heard from these young gunn. it ttrned out to be a pop gun. ú%tturned out to be spin not substance and not specifics. it turned outing to a return to the bush failed policies. >> whether they can gain control oo houseeremains to be seen.
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innwashington steve santoni, fox news. the ravens finally made their waa back to baltimore this weekend marking the home opener with a win against the boulevard browns. %-in his first regular appearan. he caught a joe flacco pass for sscond quarter nn one, even close to the raven's number one receiver in the end zone. it's tte sscond touch down of the game for bolde boldin and f. no one close to him in heend3ú sewn. through over the it up and3d aaquan boldin brought in his 3rd touch down. still said bratting th celebratd one..3úú%throwing the 3 touchdoo interceptions. the ravens win their first home
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game of thh year, 24-17. i played onny once in myy3 career as a cardinal. ú%e crowd wassthe same way, but unbelievable. so to go out and have a performance like thatt it feels good. >> anquan boldin came up with big plays for us. -ough win against a really good team.ú throughout the crowd was tremendous and we move on to >> they were home this weekend but they're not home for long. the ravens have another tough road game ahead of them this weekend. they will aae the steelers in pittsburgh. kickoff is scheduled for 1:00. after a tough game the ravenn walked off the field yesterday -ith ig win against the division rival. going to happen next. megan gilliland is live aa the paaera in towson for post gaae
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reaction..3 good mornnng, megan. >> reporter: the bread ii rising here in pan era and that is what the fans are saying thht they are rising against theú competition. some theefolks here at panera %-including chess se chelsea goy yesterday and put on this purple on. >> because we won yesterday. >> reporter: we are headed to ppttsburgh. %-i know the steelers are 3-0, d i think that was just a bad game i think we could do it. >> reporter: everyone is saying that the ravens is coming to the clutch teammbut in the end tey end up winning out. they will havv us biting our ú% i hope so.n pull us through. the feel, but we are going to be taaking to people all morning and getting the feel forrwhat
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the raven think and if we haae ú%it seassn. to continue through it's still early. at this game, booking past yesterday's game toward the3 steelerr. i wonddr if yesterday's gamm gave them an indication of what to expect next week. >> reporrtr: i think it gave them an indication of what to expect and a lot of people giving flacco more faath.ú there are a lot of critics agginst him, but he proved that he is the quarterback thaa we need. these two guys wenn all out for ravens training camp. they showed up to westminister in a purple car with theeravens logo and of course, they wereú ú%aring their purple, too. oomatter where you are, we are waiting for you ravens fans to show off our photos wearing the purple pride. go to and clicú on the community f features section.
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starting the spread of preecription. the program aimed at keeping the medication off the streets. and a warmer than averagee3 morring at 65 degrees. cooler than average innthe afternoon, at 711 and 72 - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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like hazelnuts, skim milk and a hint of cocoa. they love the taste and i feel good that they're ready to tackle the day. ♪ nutella. breakfast never tasted this good. welcome back at :16 on a rainy monday morning. we can certaanly use the rain. the raii is falling heaviest toward annapolis and arnold and crownsville. those yellowwindicating moderate rain.3 -ot as heavy buttthat will pick up toward owings mills and reisterstown. heavier rain ttere. toward the norrh ann east, piery hall and e start later in the concentratton of rain heaviest to tooard the east. tropical moisture is bringing us
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more rainfall. we're nottconcerned about a %lash-flooding actually today, can handle a lot of rain. ú% fact, we can handle 4 or 5 inches of rain, it looks like noo that much but about two inches in baltimore of the the haaheaviest rain will be in the. that is because it will be closer to the north pressuue center. obviously everybody standing to frankly, because we absolutely need it.3 you do want to have the umbrella hand. you see the rain toward he west. later on this evvning, we see it around the 95 corridor heavier. we could have rumbles of thunder as the low pressure center ccntinues and oves closer. that low continues to showers. heaviee showers with thunderstorms early, by this afternoon, around 3:00 p.m., yoú starr to see it wayne and move e and move toward the weest. we get the rain at least in
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part. 67 degrees in baltimore. 65 in d.c. and hagerstown at 55 and oakland at 52. thunder for the easttrn shoreoon with a 10-15-mile-an-hour wiid. theewesteen side of the ssate, we see a temperature at 65 at 3:00. and the showers thaa could come through later in the afternoon. we''e looking at maybe n inch 1/2 to 2 1/2 iiches in some the central and western parts of the state. 67 deerees and cooler with a ú%-mile-an-hour wind. tonighh 69 degrees still evening showers or thunderstorms and that contiiuee overnight. southhast winns at 10-20 miles per hour. showerssand evn ssmeethunder in the morninn, we think, beforeú it's we're left with showers and tapers off later ii the day, 79 for the high, 76 on wednesday, 777thursday, showers return as3 the next frontal boundary approaches and then we dry out 73 for friday and 67 and 65 but
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with plenty of sunshine for saturday and sunday. now here is a look at the the traffic edge. >> reporter: thank yyu, steve. we are dealing wiihhheavy rain, you do want to expect slick roads across the region..3 we have trouble at howard county where we aree ealing with a fuel it has shutdown the ramp to eastern parkway. %-ramp.affic circle before the the ttavel on the beltway has month this problem!!!! nnnproblt side. take a ook and cars are movinn along just fine. taking a look at 795 to 95, it will remain clear traveliiggon the rradway in the parkville area. here is a live look at the hartville road. everything is wide open alonn the southbound lanes. it will beean easy ride as you make the push toward the -bltway. the jfx will remain cleaa from
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695 all the way downnown to eaat ffyette street. that's get any phone free only at verizon when you buy the hot new samsung fascinate with its super amoled screen. get a free samsung intensity, a free blackberry bold or any other phone in our lineup. don't miss out. offer ends september 30th. buy a samsung fascinate and any other phone is free.
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only at verizon.  fight being back against drug abuse. this weekend ffderal and loccl authorities teamed to get drugs
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off the streets and off of our ú%dicine cabinets whereethey could end up in the wrong hands. melinda roeder showed us -hht they collected in a national roundup. >> reporter:: bottles, boxes, even ags of prescriptiin drugs. enouuh to stock a pharmacy. they're now using ggrbage bags, anything that will work. is going straight to police.3 >> thh abusive of prescription drugs right now, it's an epidemic, it really is..3 i'm juut going through this bag. >> reporter: with the ffrst ever federal take back program. >> reporter: federal enforcement officers arr out to rid he streettoo potentially dangerous drugs. the goal getting the ublic to turn in unwanted pills they have at home.
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>> it's a safeway to dispose of preecription drugs. >> reporrer: she brought in the aunt's meds to make ssre they were disposed f prrperly. p> things that had been expired over the years. >> reporter: a chance to declutter the cabinets. >> a lot offmedicatiin out of people's medicine cabinets at home. the meds don't end up in the wrong hands. >> because we have young kids %-going into different drawers,w thouggt it was the right thing >> reporter: authoritiis say it's best for parents to be >> right now, the biggest source teenagers who abuse these drugs are their parents medicine cabinet and whattmight look like a colorful collection of drugs. >> the oxycotin, the hydrocondone ann pain pills. %-if misused. could be deedly -hat is why police plan to burn so thhy know it won't come back3 to burn them.
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melinda rrde roder roder fox5 keeping the citizens of balttmore happy and heaathy. kicking off this week. >lattr is tax on everything you buy? that's in andy harris' unfair tax plan. 23% sales tax. a 23% sales tax will cut my business in half. would be devastating. andy harris' 23% sales tax absolutely makes no sense.
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23% sales tax would really make things unaffordable. that's too high for the average american out here. i don't know how we would manage it really. don't like that idea. we can't afford andy harris' idea. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message.
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> americans who lost their jobs during the great recession are increasingly claiming discriminatton. alice on ko!!a aliceon kos tic 3 journal" sites an equal employment opportunity commission reporr that says he number of claims jumpedd60% ffom the prior year. the article ays moreethan
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70,000 people filed claims sayyng they suffered job discrimination ii the six months and april 30th. ii's federal law that emplooers cannot discriminate on against workers on the bases f age, gendee among other categories. they o not breakdown the specific tyyes of biis claims. they filed claims against a telephone company and departmenú store for age discriminationn a lawyer quottddby the journal3 is that emppoyers looo to replace ollee workers with younger ones whoowill work for lower salaries.3 attorneys say there's been an increase in disability biases claims because they are allowed more employeee tt claim disabilities. coming up an elderly fishermaa beaten and robbed. ú-making today.rance he will e and on a rainyymonday morning, some ravens fans are soaking up a big
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